Frequently Asked Questions

We’d like to remodel our home; can you tell us where to begin?

Morrissey Builds can provide you with an estimate based upon the square footage and type of remodel you envision. Of course, each project is unique. Contact us for a free consultation.

We’re wondering what geographical area you currently serve?

We have worked with customers throughout the Twin Cities metro area, as well as outlying areas; including and the Sturgeon/Moose Lake area.

Do you provide all the necessary plans or do we need an architect?

On smaller projects we provide plans and design. While Morrissey Builds is a full service construction company, we recommend working with an architect on larger projects.

What sets Morrissey Builds apart from other construction companies?

We are among the most active construction companies in Minnesota in green and sustainable projects. We are well versed in building science and among the best qualified to design and build complex and challenging projects. We deliver a high level of personalized service and offer the highest quality work at competitive prices.

What is the chain of events we can expect when working with Morrissey Builds?

First, we will set an appointment to see your property and appraise the existing conditions, as well as evaluate your design needs and assess overall feasibility. We then generate a ball park figure based on our experience with similar situations. If the general price range seems acceptable to you, then we will enter into a design agreement where you will be asked to put money down to defray the costs of fully developing your project. At the end of the design process, you will have buildable plans suitable for the permit application, as well as any finish selections you have made. At this point, we hope you will enter into a building contract with us in which the construction schedule and payment schedule will be agreed upon and the project can commence.

If you are planning to build a new home, we can collaborate in the design process and provision of construction documents. We also work with a number of local architects and can help you select the firm that best fits your needs.

Throughout the construction process, we maintain weekly meetings with the customers or their representative to provide updates on the project progress and to provide a forum for any issues that may arise. At these meetings Morrissey Builds will present any new change orders for approval and the customer may bring up any problems that they have identified or changes that they may want to make. Lines of communication are always open and the customer will have the personal contact information for the Morrissey Builds Project Manager assigned to their job.

Upon completion, and before the final payment, the customer or their representative will have the opportunity to make a punch list to make sure that the project meets their expectations for detail and quality. Our business is based on referrals and we want every customer to be pleased enough to refer their friends and neighbors to Morrissey Builds.