New Homes

The Eye of a Builder

When Morrissey Builds looks at a floor plan for a new home, we picture some of the same things the homeowner might: functional and flexible spaces, a striking design and plenty of amenities in the right places. Our team has created some of the most imaginative, stylish homes in the Twin Cities metro area. Some of these homes are modern at first glance, with a Minimalist style and passive solar designs. Other homes are more traditional with classic elements.

Your Neighborhood

The homes we build can also reflect their specific neighborhoods. Morrissey Builds can build homes in styles common to Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhoods such as Craftsman, Tudor, Colonial Revival, Post-War and many more. These established styles can be customized to your unique design preferences.

Improving the Environment

We see plenty of opportunities for a better environment. Every home we build is based on a collaborative design process incorporating building science and the green standards of LEED and MN GreenStar with targeted levels of energy efficiency. We’re committed to helping our local communities. We apply that same commitment to maintaining the highest standards of materials, workmanship and energy efficiency for each individual homeowner.


Our methods also take into account the true cost of a new urban or rural home. We will guide you through the process, weighing the investment and payoff of each decision to ensure that your home, built by Morrissey Builds, will save its owner a significant amount, each month and over time.

Morrissey Builds can build any architectural style.

We build to strategic three levels of energy efficiency:

  • Green certified – 50-60% energy savings over a conventional code home
  • Towards zero energy – 70-80% energy savings over a conventional code home
  • Passive House standard – 90% energy savings over a conventional code home